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how beautiful r u?

i dont need a fairy godmother

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This is a rating community based on looks. The rules are simple:

1. post atleast 3 clear face shots or you will be rejected immediately.
2. you MUST BE 14 years or older to apply.
3. no rude or disrespectful comments or you will be BANNED
4. don't be offended if someone says no, because they will.
5. after 2 days, you will be either accepted or rejected to the community.
6. please DO NOT post any entries except for your application until you are stamped.
7. if you're rejected please LEAVE the community. you may repost in 1 week with all new pictures.
8. if you post an entry, please put new or stamped in the subject line.
9. once accepted, please vote and post!
10. first 10 get in automatically but still post pics!

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