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New [25 Oct 2004|03:18pm]

[ mood | awake ]

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[13 Aug 2004|11:06am]

so is it me or is this community totally dying??? i'm gonna try and promote it, if possible.. and just so this isn't text only...

we <3 summer!Collapse )
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new [25 Jul 2004|03:34am]

[ mood | curious ]

hey im cindy :-)
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[14 Jun 2004|06:35pm]

my new user name is __t0rn .. if you get the chance, please transfer my shizzle over = )
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these are all my baaad nasty pcitures for all of you to look at and comment whatever you like onthem [29 Apr 2004|11:04am]

[ mood | silly ]

this one is pretty old, from last summer and my boobs are looking very strangely shaped in it.yeeeaaaah

this one below here is pretty old, from last summer at my friends wedding, and the one below thhis one, surprise surprise, is even older, its from last june at graduation.( sorry i dont have a ton of new ones!, the ones above, of me laying in the flower petals are from like 2 weeks ago though)

enjoy and dont be too harsh

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<3 [27 Apr 2004|07:01pm]

[ mood | 95 degreeessss ]

cinderella's glass slipper =).. i have one!!



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[27 Apr 2004|04:32pm]


Im leaving this community.
Add me if you want<3

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[20 Apr 2004|08:02pm]

[ mood | creative ]

hi guys! ive been really inactive
I'm leaving
add me if you want!

<3 Laur

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[06 Apr 2004|09:51pm]


hey sorry kids.. im gonna have to leave. dont have time for ALL these things anymore. feel free to add me to your friends list thought.

<33 always, isabella

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[23 Mar 2004|12:51pm]

application to be a mod:

3)any after school activities
4)weekend hobbies
5)how often u update ur lj
6)why you think ud make a good mod

its short but sweet-fill it out in a comment and in 2 days i will knight two new mods!

thanks guys-♥rachel
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Lj's Next Top Model [23 Mar 2000|10:49am]

Modeling your thing?Collapse )
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[21 Mar 2004|04:19pm]

[ mood | dizzy ]

i can make you a celebrity overnightCollapse )

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[21 Mar 2004|03:51pm]

Hey everyone, i have been unable to use my internet lately and have been extremely behind on accepting/rejecting newbies. That gave me the thought that maybe we should have multiple mods. If you are interested in being a mod i am going to have 2 other mods manage this community with me so please comment and say so. if more than 2 people want to take that position i will make an application so that i can decide who i want to manage this community with me. remember, you have to check the website every day for new applicants and frequently accept and reject if another mod hasn't. Thanks you guys, and once again im really sorry that i haven't been too active lately.

Your mod,
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[20 Mar 2004|04:07pm]

i never posted pics to get in so here's some you can stil judge me but im already in...

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[16 Mar 2004|01:03am]

i am kaylas lover tell me what ya think

bleh i hate when i get my haircut-

im so sexy..haha no

kayla come down here as you can see the sun shining, tis our love. everyone comment!
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Im a newbie. Be nice? [14 Mar 2004|10:30pm]



For sure, here we goCollapse )

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[09 Mar 2004|08:40pm]

[ mood | oopsie ]

sorry guys there seems to be a confusion but now its def a rule you MUST BE over 13 years old to apply.

ur mod

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.:[.new.[:. [09 Mar 2004|05:19pm]

hi! my name is Katie. I'm 16 and I'm from Mass. I love being with my friends, hanging out and going to parties. Hope you like 'em!

I close my eyes but I can't stop thinking of you.Collapse )
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*Stamped & Xposted [08 Mar 2004|02:08pm]


Just wanted to say hi to everyone! Here some new picture's me =D


click me baby!Collapse )

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sorry [07 Mar 2004|10:51pm]

[ mood | amused ]

wow sorry havent been very involved

but im back had a phase where i HATED lj's but im out of it so hi everyone

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